Maha Guru SGMD has over (45) years of actual training in martial arts.
👉 The martial arts he studied include Kajukenbo, Chinese Kempo, Thai Boxing,
Tai Chi Chuan, Western Boxing, Kali and Serrada Escrima, as taught by Legendary Grandmaster Angel Cabales.
👉 His first instructor in the field of martial arts was ′′ Wu Shing Tai Chi Chuan ′′ Great Teacher John K. Wong, boxing instructor Jesse Lopez, and Kajukenbo fighting master Sifu Phil Cornin.
👉 Extracting the essence of ‘Serrada Cabales Escrima’ and combining it with (45) years of martial arts experience, Maha Guru SGMD has created a modern ′′ eclectic ′′ combat style. Stable advantage in absolute art. Street fights.
👉 This higher quality of service with Maha Guru SGMD. The DC Serrada Escrima System is not only based on technique but also on theories and concepts developed and refined over the years by the Grand Master.
Angel Cabales himself. Cabales learned the basic foundation of Filipino Escrima art from his mentor, Felicsimo Dizon.
👉 Maha Guru SGMD started working on Cabales Serrada Escrima in 1984 in Stockton, California. With several years of real combat experience,
👉 After seeing Maha Guru SGMD, Cabales at work, I knew he was a true gunsmith. Grandmaster Cabales’ intention was to show Maha Guru SGMD something about the art form in which they could still use the martial arts style. It was still to showcase Maha Guru’s SGMD martial arts. more effective. Grand Master Cabales also said: ′′ Every student whose main approach is to be a copy of his teacher’s coal does himself a frail favor. No one can be exactly like the teacher and yet hide their personal identity.
👉 Grandmaster Angel Cabales calls out to the ultimate achievement
The ′′ Presence of Mind ′ ′ or spontaneous intelligent response. When a person is seriously committed to hand-to-hand combat, there is no time to think, feel, choose, or judge.
👉 Maha Guru has promoted other top-notch martial artists during SGMD’s years of being active in martial arts,
Guro Dan Inosanto, Grand Master Richard S. Bustillo, Maha Guro Ted Lucaylucay, Grand Master Latosa, Grand Professor Leo T. Fong, Grand Professor Bill Chun Bay., Great Professor Bill Chaun Jr., Great Professor
Gilbert Tenio and Great Professor John Eliab, former boxing champion Tony ′′ The Tiger ′′ Lopez and countless workshops, shows, books, DVDs and other illustrated events.
👉 When it comes to one of the best martial artists in the world,
Maha Guru SGMD stands out as ′′ Par Excellence ′′.

“United World Serrada Escrima Federation” 

Escrima Simplified Fundamentals New Book

He was born in Doğanşehir district of Malatya. He completed his primary and secondary education in Doğanşehir. He completed his high school education in Malatya. He studied French teaching at Atatürk University. Later, İnönü University Machinery as the second university. He graduated from Anadolu University International Relations by completing his 3rd University. He started sports with wrestling in the 1st year of high school. He wrestled for 3 years and achieved a lot of success, then continued with Taekwon-do. After graduating from school, he accelerated Taekwondo. He took the Taekwon-do coaching course and exam and received his coaching diploma. In the same year, he entered the Taekwon-do refereeing course and exam and became a referee.
In 1993, he opened the Coşarlar Sports Hall on the Tekel factory on the station street. Mustafa GÜNAYDIN, who coached the national team for a while, was the national coach and the national referee. He achieved many successes in Turkey Taekwon-do championships. His articles on success in sports, motivation in sports, the place of sports in the weight loss program and the effects of sports on people were published in Malatya Medical Chamber and local newspapers. Various local TV channels also participated in sports-related programs.
In 1994, G.Grant Master Guru Anthony DAVIS, who is also a relative living in Germany, started to receive Escrima training from Master Guru Mustafa BUĞUR, a student. After working for 4 years, he brought Escrima sport to Malatya in 1998. Over the years, he worked with many teachers in America, the Philippines, Italy, luxenburg, France, Germany (Emanuel HART, Dirk Dusseleau, Andrew GLASER, Amrikada Maha Guru Anhony DAVİS, GM Mustafa BUGUR, Jon WARD, Cory HANOSH etc.) ..2015 In September of the year, he was given the 6th Degree GRANDMASTER title, which has been given to only 10 people in the world, by taking the exam in front of the WSEF (World Serrada Escrima Federation) jury in AMERICA.
He established the ESCRİMA KALİ FEDERATION in 2017. ..In October 2019 ( United World Serrada Escrima Federation ) he was elected as the Vice President of the UNITED WORLD SERRADA ESCRİMA FEDERATION. At the same time, he was promoted to the 8th der GRAND MASTER..